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SketchDown UX video number one

If you're longing to increase conversion rates through user experience and website design then press play on the video above now.

This video is the first in an intended series that I'd like to share and if you're interested in finding out more about my SketchDown UX videos then read on as I've found they really can help to increase conversion rates as well as covering a lot of what I recommend to my clients.

As part of my work as a user experience designer, I have to ensure my customers understand the rationale behind my suggestions and recommendations.

In this way everyone knows where they stand and it gives everyone a lot more confidence going forward, especially where content and design are concerned.

Much of what I have to explain stems from UX audits, user testing and practical UI designing as much as it does from consultancy and face to face conversations.

There are many reasons why doing one thing and not doing another will result in a conversion increase which is why user testing videos are also a handy way of visualising what I'm saying.

Uncovering a company's USP is just as important as learning more about SWOTs (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) which is why I tend to focus on these areas in order to increase conversion and therefore increase my clients' bottom line.

All the time I'm trying to find new ways to allow this to happen and any opportunity for me to expand on how I think as a UX designer and to display how UI design works is also a key component to developing a successful page or product.

The SketchDown video above provides a run through of an existing page and how a design review can increase conversion by following a few basic UX principles and easy to follow design procedures in order to enable pretty darn speedy results.

The video isn't intending to teach you how to become a Photoshop pro or web developer, it's a general overview using screen grabs and a straightforward set of instructions.

A step by step guide as to what features is as follows:

A first stage user experience tear down
A general session on wire framing
A quick guide to design
A mash up of the above to provide an improved page template

Note: The term 'SketchDown' comes from me as it's slightly sketchier, a bit rougher around the edges, than the more detailed and finalised approach that I'd apply to an actual UI design session.

In session one of the forty minute video you'll learn:

*How to create taglines that attract users and grab attention *Why reviews and social confidence is the key to increasing consumer trust *Why a minimalist approach to a menu channels attention *How a one page aim can increase conversion rates *How to include clickable buttons that really catch the eye *Why 'lead magnets' increase conversion *Why simplification of a page is the best strategy for satisfied customers *How to ensure your USP should be promoted to increase conversion.

The screen grabs below show you a before and after of the product page that we've focused on within the video but, seriously, if you want to learn how to do more of this good stuff for yourself, watch the video and you'll not only find out the results but the 'how' and 'why' that was involved along the way.

Before alt

After alt

Please feel free to share and let me know your feedback as to how, or how not, this sort of video has helped you to increase conversion rates and, hopefully, your bottom line. Also, please give me a shout if you have any questions related to the video or to UX or UI design in general. Thanks.