Ria Blagburn

Written by Ria Blagburn

Ria puts her innate writing skills to good use by creating incredible content for each and every client we work with. "Never underestimate the value of a semicolon"

Email Marketing

Communication is key. Keep in touch with customers

Sign up to our email marketing services and let us create bespoke, targeted campaigns that work perfectly for your company and achieve maximum results.

Design and development: Beauty and brains

Email marketing is a fantastic way to communicate with clients and build customer loyalty, but it can be time-consuming, ineffective and sometimes damaging to your brand if not done properly. We can use our award-winning graphic design skills and copywriting talent to develop creative, dynamic emails your customers can connect with, so you can get back to what you do best: running your business.

Delivery and deployment: Maximise your reach

Whether your mailing list numbers 10 or 10,000, we guarantee to successfully deliver your campaign. We rigorously test each email we create to ensure it’ll reach as many people as possible, thus generating maximum coverage for your business. We’ll also use industry research to schedule your emails, so they hit your customers’ inboxes at the perfect time to get you the most click-throughs.

Reporting and analysis: Understand your customers

We won’t just design you a beautiful campaign and fling it into the ether – our email marketing service includes comprehensive analysis and reporting so you know exactly how well things are going. These stats also give us the means to get the most from your mailing lists and implement smaller-scale campaigns designed to target specific groups of customers in order to maximise the potential of the emails we create.

Consultation: Complimenting your expertise

Do you think you’re already putting together some sweet emails, but need help analysing the results? Have you got a good handle on the stats, but lack creative flair? We can work with you to fill in the blanks in your campaign. We’re also happy to advise on the best ways to grow your mailing list, manage the customers you already have signed up, and optimise your emails so they get past over-vigilant spam filters.