Ria Blagburn

Written by Ria Blagburn

Ria puts her innate writing skills to good use by creating incredible content for each and every client we work with. "Never underestimate the value of a semicolon"

Corporate Identity

A strong identity makes a strong brand

Your brand is your voice. We can make sure it comes across loud and clear with our corporate identity services, tailored to your business.

Company culture: Make sure everyone’s on the same page

Whether you’re a huge company with several hundred employees or you’re working on a smaller scale, it’s vital that everyone’s reading from the same script when it comes to representing the brand. Smoof can work with you to define and project your corporate identity to ensure it has a strong, clear message. Our bespoke company culture documents mean even new employees are in sync with the company ethos.

Brand guidelines: Supporting your company’s image

As well as using our award-winning graphic design skills to create your company’s look, we can also develop brand guidelines for businesses of all shapes and sizes. These can be as in-depth as you like, and can cover logo use to typography, ensuring that all documentation instantly speaks for your company. Our aim is not to stifle the creativity of your employees, but to enhance it whilst maintaining brand image.

Bespoke templates and more: Providing you with tools to help your trade

We can also provide tools for your employees to use for company documentation. From email signatures and business cards to creating Powerpoint templates for use in professional presentations, we’re happy to provide high quality designs and documents for every aspect of your business. Our corporate identity services ensure your branded products truly resonate with your target market.